Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Tips for a Low-Stress School Year

Start the school year off right! Try these 5 home organization tips for keeping track of all those school papers, organizing supplies, and getting off to school on time.

1. Set up a Family Bulletin Board. Set up a family bulletin board to keep things organized throughout the week. Post important events, save documents or leave notes for each other. Most importantly, having a central place to track activities is a great visual way to keep the family connected and communicating.

2. Use School Cubbies. Use cubes or sturdy boxes to make cubbies for the kids. This is a great place to keep items they need to get out the door in the morning including backpacks, homework, lunch money, socks, shoes, gloves, etc. 



3. Organize Papers Daily. Keep on top of the never-ending windfall of school papers by creating files in a cabinet or storage tub to save special work and projects during the year. Consider taking photos to archive special papers digitally instead. Also, keep a recycle bin or shredder nearby to immediately discard unneeded papers daily.

4. Manage Home Supplies. Try a shoe organizer with many pockets to organize pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, erasers, sticky pads, paper clips, etc. Hang it behind a door close to where your kids do their homework.

5. Try a Borrowed Basket. Keep forgetting to return stuff? Keep a basket by the door to keep things the kids have borrowed from friends, the library, etc.

Starting the school year organized at home will help the whole family to feel more prepared for fall. Happy new school year!