Friday, January 6, 2017

Why Selling Your Home in Winter is a Winning Strategy

Every new year homeowners often decide to wait until spring to put their homes on the market. If you are serious about listing your house this year, here are five reasons not to wait:

1.  Rates remain low...for now. Rates may possibly go up in 2017 so take advantage of the low mortgage rates while you still can!

2.  Inventory is low in winter so there is less competition for you as seller right now. You are likely to have more interest in winter than in the spring when the market is saturated. With fewer options, home shoppers are less picky and more serious about each home they tour.

3.  Homes tend to sell faster in the winter months. There are fewer buyers during the winter months, however, local buyers tend to be more motivated to close the deal as they have a strong need to move quickly.  Also, fewer showings means fewer people stomping through your home, tracking dirt all over your carpets.

4.  January is one of the biggest corporate transfer months. Those moving to the Portland area to begin jobs at businesses such as Nike or Intel can’t wait until spring to find a place to live.

5.  It’s easier to highlight rooms and features that are assets when stuck inside for the cold winter months. Turn on the fireplace, light candles, serve some warm cinnamon cider, and create a cozy atmosphere for the buyer. You might even leave out a few holiday decorations that keep your home sparkling.