Lake Oswego
With its serene setting and pristine grounds, it’s hard to believe that Lake Oswego is located just eight miles from Portland. Until its establishment in 1847, the city was a small collection of farms and homesteads on land rich with iron ore. Oregon Iron Company was founded with the goal to make Lake Oswego a major industrial center. Following the fall of the iron industry, the land was sold to some of Oregon’s original land developers and a residential district was established.

Vibe and Style

Exceptional schools, beautiful Portland homes and strong civic pride make Lake Oswego one of Oregon’s most exclusive and sophisticated neighborhoods. Residents are highly involved in community events and issues whether it’s volunteering at the city library, restoring outdoor habitats in parks and green spaces or attending an exhibit of a local artist.
Many of the homes along the shores of Oswego Lake are as impressive as the natural beauty around them. Original homes reflect the classic architectural style of the area’s history, including English cottage, Tudor revival, Victorian and Craftsman. Newer estates are modern and contemporary, constructed of high quality materials consistent with the area’s luxurious atmosphere.

Local Scene

The area’s downtown business district is a popular destination for high-end shopping, dining and art galleries surrounded by breathtaking views of the lake. Outdoor art decorates downtown blocks while hanging flower baskets, carefully-chosen plantings and green trees enhance the city’s deluxe appeal. Always fresh, seasonal and local, the lakeside Five Spice Seafood + Wine Bar is a popular restaurant which serves the Northwest’s finest cuisine, complemented with an extensive wine selection sure to satisfy anyone’s tastes.
Lake Oswego is host to a thriving art scene and a popular destination is the Lakewood Center for the Arts. Dedicated to education and programming in the visual arts and theater, the center provides a schedule of classic and modern plays as well as classes for students aspiring to become actors and playwrights.

Outdoor Sanctuary

Lake Oswego’s proximity to Oswego Lake and the Willamette River allow residents to experience a variety of water activities close to home. At the city-owned water sports center, rowing, kayaking and canoeing lessons are offered for kids and adults. Choose from two swimming facilities conveniently located on the river, or head to Waluga Park with its 53 acres of beautifully-maintained hiking trails and sport fields.

Lake Oswego Links:

Lake Oswego Preservation Society:
Oswego Heritage House:

Live Theater
Lakewood Theatre Company-368 S. State St. Lake Oswego 97034

Art Galleries
Onda Art Gallery- 220 A Ave. Suite 104, Lake Oswego 97034

The Olive and the Grape-14550 Westlake Drive: 
Wizer’s Fine Wines-330 First St.: 
World Class Wines-269 A Ave.: 

Community Festival
LO Festival of the Arts- Held Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the third weekend in June at Lakewood Center of the Arts.

Bike Trails
There are 39 miles of non-roadway trails in the city along with a number of in-road trails(bike lanes)  throughout. The Lake Loop is one of the most popular local trails as is the trail on South Shore that backs up to Iron Mountain.  For trial maps to to

Bowling Alley
Nicoli’s Grill and Sports Bar-17880 SW McEwan Road, Lake Oswego 97035:

Golf Course
Lake Oswego Golf Course-17525 Stafford Rd. Lake Oswego 97034:

Basketball Courts
Rossman Park Hoop-350 SW C Ave. 
Warrior Courts- 4500 Jean Road
Westlake Park- 4900 Melrose Crt. 
World Tree Court- 17834 Central Ave. 

Dance Studios
LO Academy of Dance-16250 Bryant Rd:
Russian Ballet Academy-1167 McVey Ave:
LO Dance School-368 State St.:
Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts- 311 B. Ave. Suite Z: 

Skate Park
Lake Oswego Skate Park-5520 Willow Rd.:

Thrift Stores
The Clothes Closet-252 B Ave.: 
Consigning Women-1235 B McVey Ave.: 
New to You- Simply Posh- 101 A Ave. : 

Dennis’ 7 Dees- 1090 McVey Ave:

Community Garden
Luscher Farm is run by the city of Lake Oswego at 125 Rosemont Road, Wet Linn.

Specialty Stores
Kyra’s Bake Shop- 460 Fifth St. Lake Oswego :
Pine Needle-429 First St.: 

Providence Mercantile Medical Plaza-4015 Mercantile Drive, LO 97035:
Zoomcare- 111 A Ave. LO 97034: 
Coalition of Community Heath Clinics:

Dog Park
Hazelia Field Dog Park-17800 SW 17800 Stafford Rd.:

Movie Theater
Lake Twin Theater-106 N. State St.

Lake Oswego Indoor Playground-Willamette Room at the West End Building 4101 Kruse Way, LO 97034: